December 8, 2011

Germany Germany

Bad news/good news moment: Drew Harris wrote a very upsetting tumblr announcement last week that the Germany Germany project would be entering hiatus for an unknown amount of time. That, of course is the bad news, the good news is: the remastered version of Radiowave is set to drop on December 14th as a sort of farewell to all of his fans. After that he's parting ways with Germany Germany, perhaps to begin some new musical endeavors, or maybe just to take a breather from the digitized lifestyle we live. The digital version of Radiowave II will be released on bandcamp via name your price download. Ten hand dubbed cassettes will also be available for $5 + shipping.  A bittersweet moment for everyone. We all wish you the best of luck Drew, write back soon.

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Signals (Remaster)

120 (Remaster)

December 3, 2011

Doctor Jeep

So I've fallen pretty deep into this puddle of voice samples. I can't seem to get away from songs with breakchops and glitched out mouth words. The warm tones and haunted voices seem to press all the right buttons. I was kind of taken by surprise on this one though, Doctor Jeep isn't exactly known for producing such tasty music. Hopefully he sticks to the new formula and gives us some more new tunes. Shout out to Giraffage for sharing this on his facebook wall today, ur mad cool <3.

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Broken Heart

November 29, 2011

Happy Hunting

"Ambient." A lonely word I have loathed in many many email instances. Boring, sweeping tones, that bring your mind into an empty state of hollow listlessness that can only be cured by the screeching sound of nails on a chalk board. Normally I spare myself the pain and just don't go there, but something about Jana's email made me feel safe from this horror. Perhaps it was the use of the words "chilled-out" and "vibes" she cracked the combination to my stupid heart with three overused words and that wonderful voice. The tones aren't boring, the vibes are indeed chill and I'm feeling the Pitchblack EP. Name your price download is active. Free is key but luv is where it's at, share the <3.

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My Life Is A Mess

This Love

November 28, 2011


I sort of / kind of should have posted this a long time ago so please excuse my tardiness. As many of the up-to-date bandcamp fags already know (I wont list any names) Charlie Yin put out Comfort, a shimmering ripple of water that got more downloads than a Lana Del Rey single. (yes that was a mild exaggeration.) Luckily I was one of the first to grab it up. (Yes I'm the FIRST guy.) although I'm rather late with the posting I'm still feeling this shit so f*cking h*rd I thought I'd give a nod to all the other irrelevant losers out there. It's okay. I promise we will get through this 2gether. The bandcamp downloads are back up so grab 1.

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Everything Is Going To Be Alright


Poor Spirits

We, we, we, so excited. We so excited, Today is the day. @poorspiritsss dropped Forever Cruising, my mouth begins to salivate. Palms are sweating. I'm laughing and crying at the same time. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the entire thing. But there's so much to like about Forever Cruising, so many wonderful things, colorful beats, Missy Elliot remixxx, the illest chillest vibes ever to blow your speakers, and it's fucking free. Yep, free. Permission was given to drop this mediafire link up here for all of you to jam, early christmas. I knew it was going to be a good week. No bad days indeed.

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Missy Elliot - Sock It 2 Me

November 20, 2011

Seth Pettersen

Someday I'll be glued to a pair of dirty cargo shorts and slip-ons all year round. I'll refuse to wear socks and rock a sweaty upper-lip while I drive through the tropical climate with all of my windows down listening to bouncy beach tapes. The pink sunset will be the trigger to all of my best memories, oh, the chill years when all things were chill, endless summers. "Those were the days" I'd say as I watched the waves. That's my future in past-tense and I won't be changing the script. And thanks to Seth Pettersen I'll have plenty of beach classics to play while the I let the humid subtropical breeze wash over me. As usual I included my favorites below but you can check out Skate Away in it's entirety at his soundcloud.

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Mother Is A Moth

Skate Away