September 16, 2011

Leah Kardos

Sorry about the large gap in posts, I've been rather busy with personal matters and soon found myself without a mouse to click. But even with my internet habits in brief hibernation the ever flowing email continued to pile up. One of those emails contained an attachment for Leah Kardos' soon to be released EP Feather Hammer, a glitch/folktronic DIY project that caught my ear right after opening my inbox. Feather Hammer is truly DIY at its finest full of warm tones and beautiful piano. It's one of those EPs that makes you want to put your headphones on and stand in the middle of a four way intersection at 3 am, watching the brief solitude of a once busy street, Observing the traffic lights change for nobody but you. Feather Hammer Drops in three days via her bandcamp so keep an eye out.

bandcamp link

DFACE (Practice This Video)

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